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The Production Introduction of Sanlouis-Faucet Series
Time:2016-12-21  From: auhor

A faucet is a valve that controls the flow of water. Tap the renewal speed is very fast, from the old iron electroplating process development to the knob type and the development of the stainless steel single temperature, single control, now many families, using a stainless steel dual temperature control tap, also appeared in the kitchen combined tap. Now, more and more consumers to buy taps, from the material, function, modeling and other aspects to consider. The main raw materials for the faucet copper and zinc alloy. Normally hot faucets generally have a red indicator or symbol, and cold faucets generally have a blue or green indicator or symbol. In English speaking countries, faucets are also often marked with a "H" or "C" representing hot or cold. Most residential, commercial and industrial houses in front of a faucet, they are equipped with a hole for the four - angle switch, so as not to passers-by disorderly water. 


According to materials, can be divided into SUS304 stainless steel, cast iron, all plastic, brass, zinc alloy material taps, polymer composite taps and other categories. According to feature points, can be divided into the basin, bathtub, shower, kitchen sink faucet and electric faucet (porcelain electric faucet), with the improvement of living standards, rapid heating faucet (porcelain electric faucet) more and more welcomed by consumers, is expected to become the new leading protagonist tap revolution.

According to the structure to divide, and can be divided into single, duplex and triple type, such as several taps. In addition, there are single handle and double handle. Single type can meet cold or hot water pipe; double type can meet heat pipe, used for bathroom basin and hot water supply basin faucet kitchen vegetables; triple type except ground hot and cold water pipe, but also can take a shower nozzle, mainly for the water bath. Single handle faucet through a handle can adjust the temperature of cold and hot water, both hands need to adjust the cold water pipe and hot water pipe to adjust the water temperature.

According to the way to open points, can be divided into spiral, wrench type, lift type and induction type, etc.. Spiral handle is open, a lot of ring to rotate; wrench type handle only needs to rotate 90 degrees; lift open handle only up to the water; as long as the induction faucet reached under the faucet, the water will be activated automatically. In addition, there is a delay closure of the tap, turn off the switch, the water will flow a few seconds to stop, so that when you turn off the faucet stained dirty hands can also be washed clean.

According to the spool to points, can be divided into rubber core (slow open spool), ceramic spool (quick opening spool) and stainless steel spool and several other. Impact faucet quality is the most critical spool. The use of rubber core multi tap to open the cast iron Spiral Tap, has basically been eliminated; ceramic valve core faucet in the past few years, better quality, more common; stainless steel spool is more suitable for poor water quality in the region.

Hardware accessories knowledge: buy taps 12 points of attention

Weight: not to buy too light is too light leading manufacturers to reduce costs, hollowed out internal copper faucet looks great, take up is not heavy, relatively easy to withstand burst pressure.

Handle: composite taps are simple to use because when a sink is used, only one hand is usually empty.

The water outlet: on the height of the water outlet of the filled washbasin becomes simple. This is the leading heart valve, hot and cold water are used in ceramics, the quality of the spool is the best Spanish track, Taiwan Kangqin, Zhuhai mingshi.

Rotation angle: can rotate 180 degrees to make the work convenient, and can rotate only 360 degrees in a house in the central sink meaningful.

Elongated shower nozzle: increased effective radius, sink and container can be filled faster.

Hose: experience shows that 50 cm long pipe is enough, the market can also buy more than 70 cm or tube. Be careful not to buy aluminum wire tube with stainless steel wire, get a hand clenched pull the black hand is aluminum wire, stainless steel wire is not changed, the best is the 5 international standard stainless steel hose braided with outside hose inner tube is made of three EPDM material, connecting nut for red punching forging, rolling sand appearance plating nickel layer (thickness 4miu).

Shower pipe: in order not to make sounds bad, should try to avoid the use of metal pipe.

Anti calcification system: in the shower and automatic cleaning system will be deposited calcium, the same thing happened on the faucet, there will be silicon together. Air cleaner integration with anti calcification system, can also prevent the calcification in the internal device.

The anti reflux system: the system is pumped into the water to prevent water pipes, composed of layers of material. Equipment with anti backflow system will be shown on the packaging surface with DVGW through signs.

Cleaning: streamlined design does not require too much cleaning. Cleaning do not use decontamination powder, polishing powder and other coarse particles of detergent or nylon brush cleaning, with appropriate dilution of shampoo, bath liquid dipped cloth wipe, rinse with water, dry soft cloth wipe tap.

Material: stainless steel is health, environmental protection. Chrome burning equipment is easy to care and harmless to people, but in the manufacturing process also need to add some other elements. So we must pay attention to what equipment is made of materials, not all countries have such a high standard of germany.

Durability: anti calcification system protects equipment against leakage and damage to the handle.

Repair: on repair costs, various equipment is very different, some equipment materials are not very simple to obtain. Repair is actually quite simple, just to have the corresponding accessories, of course, have a structural diagram, or else do not know how to pack the demolition back.

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