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The 2nd China-CEEC Investment And Trade Expo
Time:2016-09-27  From: auhor

The 2nd China-CEEC Investment And Trade Expo,closely around the national "The Belt and Road" strategy, according to the new trend in the development of international trade, and the new features of China's open economy is facing a new environment and new requirements, in order to deepen cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win "as the theme, in accordance with the philosophy of a foothold in Zhejiang, the national service facing the world, pay attention to the operation of government guidance and market integration, the export and import of the combination of inheritance and innovation, the combination of rising exhibition function and impact, further reflects the internationalization, specialization, market-oriented, create fine products and new characteristics of the exhibition agglomeration. Prominent industrial agglomeration outreach work and massive economic advantages, under the unified coordination and orderly arrangement principle, strengthen the status of Department of commerce business exhibition and trade activities as the main force, a platform to promote the Middle East Europe exhibition in the promotion of foreign trade in a further increase in import and export trade, build a platform for domestic and foreign enterprises, to make a positive contribution for the development of China's foreign trade.

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