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The Product Introduction of Sanlouis-Sliding Door Series
Time:2016-12-19  From: auhor

The sliding door is refers to the doors connecting pulley and can move on a fixed rail door, also known as sliding door. It is different from the door hinge connecting doors with flat. The sliding door is easy to install, reusable and industrialized production, can also be a small workshop production, fire prevention, environmental protection and other features.

Sliding doors bring great convenience to people's work, such as the door, you can when you need to move it on the side of the two space temporary joint and appear larger, for example, door, factory is generally our company may be rented, due to various reasons, we can not help but want to change places. Then the disadvantages of the traditional partition is easy to show, because you can not take the part of the house to take away. On the contrary, the door can be removed, is away, restructuring, and so the door can take away the decoration in the world!

Because the door partition can play art beautification effect, and has the characteristics of flexible and easy to fold, relocation, was valued by people, is regarded as a kind of important equipment room layout. This is not ample housing for people today, more practical significance. Balcony, kitchen, study, is conducive to a room in the layout changes and living convenience. Or used as Wai Kok to effectively expand the space aesthetic. In the other door and a variety of styles of titanium magnesium alloy, can reflect master the art of love, so as to enhance the indoor artistic atmosphere.

The sliding door is generally titanium magnesium alloy material (many silicon aluminum alloy material), the collocation form of glass transparent, translucent, closed and open type. For the interval, generally closed for good, high in slightly above the level of sight. In order to Wai Kok, can adopt a hollow, is lively and vibrant. If it is used to block people from the line of sight, it is best to make the screen into ninety degrees right angle form. If only for decoration, transparent or translucent effect is better. Different seasons can also choose different texture, different colors, can make the room fresh and cool. China has a wide variety of sliding door. Leather, wood, glass closet door, the more decorative effect. Furnishings should be coordinated with the overall home environment.

The relationship between the inner door face, clean, bright door will make home in the door alight. For daily cleaning of door panels can be soft, dry cotton cloth or silk wipe. The hard or rigid (such as sticky dust) medium may scratch the surface; if the door panels have serious stains, can use a neutral detergent or furniture special cleaning agent, first clear the stains, then wipe it dry. But do not wash it with water; and remove minor scratches on the surface, use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of toothpaste to wipe repeatedly; if the door is made of wood or paint sheet, regular waxing is the effective way to maintain the surface bright, while the glass is not need to wax.

So when consumers choose the door, in addition to the hard conditions to measure the quality, style, service and other manufacturers for the best, also consider the regional characteristics and customs, in order to achieve the perfect interior collocation. Of course, the maturity of sliding door industry, consumer choice is more. On the market mainly brand door and small enterprises assembling door, quality and price difference, consumers should be compared.

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